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Exercise is a good deal to keep healthy and especially for women; it can be a crucial thing to do not only to be healthy but also for beauty. It may be easy to begin a workout routine, but sometimes it is not easy to keep motivated. Motivations seem to be trivial, but it plays a big part in exercise success. Motivation can come from anywhere, anyone or anything includes the perfect wear. It’s going to be annoying if you have set some fitness goals for yourself but when it was time to workout you realize you have nothing to wear. If you have already familiar with all fitness wardrobe, it must be easy for you to go online shopping or even to the store and choose from so much fitness wear. Otherwise, you’ll need some help to know what you should buy to start your workout routine. Here is a list of woman basic fitness wardrobe you should have to start your workout routine.

If you want to initiate an exercise routine, you’ll need sneakers, socks, sports bra, yoga or capri pants, shorts and shirts/tank tops. You may also need a sweater when the weather is cold. To ensure that you choose the right items for all what you need to exercise, here is what you need to know.


It is foremost to make sure that you can reach your workout goal, but you can’t take the risk of injury to your body. That is why you need to choose the right sneakers for your workout. Trust me; the right choice of sneakers make all the difference to your workout. So, if you want to but one, you have to choose it based on the exercise routine you are planning to do. If you are taking up running, then you need a pair of good quality of running sneakers to get both convenience and safety while you are running. While if you are planning to join the gym and do a lot of different types of fitness classes, a good pair of cross trainers would be the best sneakers you should buy. If you are planning to combine both, then we recommend you to buy both types of sneakers.

Why do we recommend you to choose sneakers based on your workout planning? We can tell you the reasons for our recommendations. As far as we know, running sneakers don’t provide enough lateral support. This type of sneakers gives you easy steps while you are running. If you want to be convinced, talk to people in the store where you buy sneakers so that they can give you a recommendation about which pair of sneakers that you need. Primarily, you need to get sneakers that work for you when exercising. So, don’t forget to ask if you can return the sneakers if they don’t work for you.


Don’t forget to keep your skin comfortable during your workout by getting the right socks. A cotton nylon blend can be your best choice. A comfortable sock can avoid unexpected blisters. That’s why you need a pair of socks with a high polyester content. You can choose the color to suit your outfit, but don’t forget to consider this safety purpose.


Make sure that you have all items you need before you begin the workout. The first thing you need to prepare for your workout is a good sports bra. It must be expensive, but it is necessary to keep your chests on safe position when you are moving. Then, you may also need Capri / yoga pants and shorts. You can choose the right size based on the season you want to do the exercise program. You also need a tank top or shirt. You may prefer to wear a tank top if you are comfortable showing your arms. Otherwise, a shirt can be your alternatives. For additional wear, you can get a sports sweater that will be useful in cold weather. After all, that’s it the list of women basic fitness wardrobe. You can give us your recommendation if we miss something that is essential to begin a workout.

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